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Lockdown nation: Schools across the U.S. struggle to respond to mass shootings

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

February 16, 2018 By Joanna Slater

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Mr. Russell was previously an agent with the U.S. Secret Service and founded his own

school-security company after the Newtown shooting. He now works with educational institutions from preschool to university in 40 states. He recommends that schools install a kind of lockdown siren to warn of a dangerous situation. It has the “same effect as a fire alarm but for a different emergency,” he said.

Faced with the prospect of repeated school shootings, some parents are resorting to increasingly desperate measures. Florida-based Guard Dog Security began selling bulletproof knapsacks after the Newtown shooting and now offers 12 different models. Yasir Sheikh, the company’s president, declined to say how many backpacks it had sold but said that demand surges after each mass shooting. On Thursday, the company said that it would donate half of the proceeds from such sales to the victims of the Parkland shooting.