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Project Guard Dog in Orlando

Updated: May 31, 2018

Skyline USA, official distributors of Guard Dog Security products, gave away hundreds of free pepper spray to the people of Downtown Orlando. This was in light of the deadly shooting which occurred in the Gateway Building on November 6, 2009 where Jason Rodriguez shot 6 and killed 1.

The event on November 12, 2009, dubbed Guard Dog Security in Orlando, aimed at helping the locals feel a greater sense of security after the shootings which led people nervous and shaken up. Yasir Sheikh, President of Skyline USA in Sanford, Florida, described the 3 goals of the event:

  • Bring a heightened sense of security to the people of Orlando

  • Raise awareness that more locals would be prepared for any violence

  • Prevent violent crime before it happens

The pepper sprays are non-lethal and are legal to carry in the state of Florida and in many parts of the United States. Guard Dog pepper sprays contain 18% OC (red pepper), a UV identifying dye, and an optional CS military tear gas. The sprays handed out included key rings to make them easily accessible.

The event was a great success as locals were extremely receptive and shared their positive feedback.